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Productivity :: Implementing GTD with Tiddly Wiki (d3 and MonkeyGTD)

A while ago, I started working on putting together a Tiddly Wiki distribution that included plugins and pre-configured tiddlers that would make it easy to implement "kinkless" GTD (see kGTD for the origins of "kinkless"). I called it "Un-kinked GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus". Now that I’m working on finishing my thesis, I don’t have time to support this project. (see below for a link to the old version) However, it appears like new projects accomplish GTD within a Tiddly Wiki in a better way anyway.

Take a look at:

  • d3 ("d cubed"), a "kinkless" GTD Tiddly Wiki
  • d3-fusion, d3 with a classic GTD Tiddly Wiki look
  • MonkeyGTD, a GTD inspired task manager that is highly tag based
I believe strongly that both of these are strong GTD Tiddly Wiki solutions. I have put together introductions to them at the 43 Folders Wiki. Take a look at: For those of you looking for something like d3 that looks like GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus, I have been told that a Tiddly Wiki distribution combining the two packages may be available sometime soon. Look out for that. Tune into the GTD Tiddly Wiki Google Group for more information.

Other articles of interest:

If you are looking for my old Un-kinked GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus, you can find it here. I cannot support it, nor can I guarantee that it still works. However, feel free to try it out and make any modifications that you feel necessary.


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