Theodore (Ted) P. Pavlic, Ph.D.

Seeking employment in postdoctoral research or tenure-track assistant professor position

I am seeking employment in a postdoctoral research or tenure-track appointment in academia. My research interests and areas of expertise would be appropriate for departments focussing on electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, or applied mathematics. I look forward to a career mixing advanced research with graduate and undergraduate education. The purpose of this web page is to disseminate materials that might be of interest to faculty search committees.
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My research is multi-disciplinary in nature, spanning behavioral ecology, economics, anthropology, and electrical engineering. However, my research methods and background come from:
  • Intelligent control
  • Optimization and game theory
  • Non-linear dynamic systems
  • Distributed systems
  • Parallel computing
  • Bio-mimicry and bio-inspiration
Moreover, I have significant industry experience working in analog electronics, Internet technologies, and software engineering. Consequently, my overall expertise in control theory, electrical engineering, and computer science allows me teach a wide variety of engineering and applied mathematics courses. Furthermore, I have an interest in enhancing methods in engineering education over my professional career.
Ted E.C.E. Bear
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Details about my publication record can be found: Copies of rough manuscripts that are in progress or presentations about other work in progress can also be made available upon request.

Research Interests and Graduate Work

Some of my research successes and my research goals are briefly summarized in my research statement. A complete list of my publications can be found in my list of publications, and a detailed directory of my accepted publications can be found at The list below presents some of the larger research themes I have pursued recently and in my graduate career.

General Research Interests:
Graduate Work:


My teaching philosophy is briefly summarized in my teaching_statement. The list below is a record of my teaching history with links to some archived course web pages. The graduate and undergraduate courses I have instructed span the areas of: I have been responsible for lecturing, testing, laboratory instruction, and grading. Source code repositories for the teaching materials I have generated can be found at Sample graded material and student evaluations are available upon request.

Detailed Teaching History:

Contact Information

E-mail (preferred):
CSE Mailing Address:  395 Dreese Labs
2015 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210-1210
CSE Fax Number:  +1-614-292-2911
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