ECE 209: Circuits and Electronics Laboratory

Laboratory 1: Introduction to the Digital Oscilloscope and Function Generator

As discussed in the course policies, all pre-laboratory assignments are individual assignments; they are NOT to be submitted by a group. You may discuss the assignment with other classmates, but the work you turn in to me should be your own and reflect your personal comprehension of the laboratory material. Do NOT split pre-lab work up among several people; each student should complete the pre-laboratory assignment in its entirety and should provide a unique submission to me at the beginning of the class.

INDIVIDUAL pre-laboratory assignment (out of 100 points): (due from each student at the beginning of class)

  1. (50 points) Use Equation (2) from the second exercise of the laboratory experience to verify the RMS values of the square, sinusoidal ("sine"), triangle, and sawtooth ("ramp") waves. The expected values are shown as Vrms on each of the graphs shown in the lab book’s exercise. In particular, Some hints: We will discuss the physical significance of RMS signals in class.

  2. (50 points) Use Equation (2) to verify Equation (3) from the third exercise of the laboratory experience. In particular, for the square, sinusoidal, triangle, and sawtooth waves, replace f(t) with f(t) + C where C is a constant offset that represents a non-zero average (i.e., "DC") component of f(t). You are verifying that the square of the new RMS value is C2 greater than the old RMS value. Some hints:
  3. BONUS (10 points): Give a strong quantitative mathematical argument (i.e., a rigorous proof) that Equation (3) holds for any integrable periodic function f(t) with period T. Some hints:
  4. BONUS (5 points): As with laboratory reports, a pre-laboratory assignment submission generated with any flavor of TeX (e.g., LaTeX) will earn the author 5% extra credit on that assignment.

We will discuss the solutions in class.

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