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This website will soon change dramatically. I was just hired as an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. My appointment is split between the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering (SCIDSE) and the School of Sustainability (SOS). My research lab will study interdisciplinary questions involving decision-making and organization.

I will be joining several graduate programs as faculty, and so I'm looking for graduate students! In particular, I will either have chair or co-chair privileges in:
  • Industrial Engineering / Operations Research (SCIDSE)
  • Sustainability (SOS)
  • Systems Engineering (Engineering)
  • Animal Behavior (SOLS)
  • Applied Math in the Life and Social Sciences (SHESC)
  • Applied Math (SMSS)
where each program above is followed by its school.

More information will follow. For now, check out http://www.tedpavlic.com/facjobsearch/ for more information about my research.

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